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Miss Say Hi and Say Hi To Your Mom? Have you heard about Werewolf Diskdrive? It's my new band! The Werewolf Diskdrive and I decided to do a limited edition CD version of the debut record. These are individually burned, printed and numbered. The artwork features some of the Werewolf Diskdrive's favorite Halloween masks and all the art will be printed on a super fancy printer. As a bonus, a familiar font and layout is used on the traycard spines, so that this CD will look GREAT next to all of your Say Hi and Say Hi To Your Mom CDs. There are no vinyl plans for this record at the moment, and maybe for forever, so this will be the only hard copy for sale. (P.S., if you're just learning about Werewolf Diskdrive, you'll want to read the whole story here: https://medium.com/werewolfdiskdrive).